Technical Cleanliness Inspector


Die Stuttgarter Produktionsakademie bietet im Juni 2017 eine englisch-sprachige Qualifizierungsmaßnahme zum Thema Reinheitstechnik an. Sie wird damit der internationalen Ausrichtung vieler Kunden gerecht. Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort online oder per E-Mail an möglich.

Weitere Informationen zum Seminar

In the manufacture of modern vehicles, the technical cleanliness of components and subassemblies is an important functional feature of quality. VDA Volume 19.1 »Inspection of Technical Cleanliness – Particulate Contamination of functionally-relevant Automotive Components« addresses in detail the methods and procedures which are implemented to characterize the cleanliness state of products in the quality chain of the Automotive Industry. VDA Volume 19 was first published by VDA QMC in 2005. It has been completely revised and extended and is available since 2015 as a revised edition. In collaboration with VDA QMC, Fraunhofer IPA is offering a seminar that is unique to the industry, enabling people to become a technical cleanliness inspector.

Participants are given the opportunity to arrange cleanliness analyses according to VDA 19.1 on their own. They are also in a position to conduct the analyses using state-of-the-art equipment and to document the results. Background information is also given on the necessity of cleanliness inspections and on cleanliness-suitable conduct.

After attending the two-day seminar, successfully completing the practical exercises and passing the test, you will be awarded a certificate by VDA QMC and the Fraunhofer Institute as well as a permit declaring you to be a »Technical Cleanliness Inspector«.




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